Monday, April 12, 2010

love is great

His birthday is going to be over in another 20minutes.
(According to the time that I started on this entry)

Don't we look old here?

Birthdays, Other than feasting and celebrations, what else?
So this man here celebrated 4 times this year.

1 - With his brothers, Me and Jiamin
2 - With his family for a 9 course meal at restaurant
3 - With my family, but his treat at another restaurant
4 - He ordered pizzas and side dish and brought them into his camp

On Friday,
He brought me to Henderson Waves after my work and we talked all the way till 11pm.

OPPS, Did I hold my camera too high and make me look like a twit?
you know how twits love taking pictures at high angles so that their face will look sharper and nicer in pictures?
oh no, I think nooo. I am not there yet, You can't see me stretching my arms yet.

PS : Twits are people who talk like this, "muh hand ishx iin paiinxz!"

Alright, I should stop dragging this incase this entry gets too offensive.

Back to topic, He told me, Brother + Best friend = Boyfriend.
I find this so amazingly true.
He is like a big brother, who would always stand up for me,
like a best friend, who would gladly accept all the shits that I throw at him.

He have very high tolerance towards my high ego, bad temper and attitude problem.

Sometimes, he really make me wonder, how did he manage to overcome all these.

I am not trying to say that he is perfect in everyway, he has flaws too.
But love overcomes almost all flaws :)

I guess, this is the only answer which fits the above wonder.

Lastly, Happy 23rd, Dear :)