Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Have a little faith,

Dinner at Jack's place again! It was quite a big feast.
Obviously not all pictures were taken.
Would be weird to take pictures of ALL the food we eat.
Even 4 pictures of food seems stupid enough but I took 5. HAHA.
Maybe I should take pictures of them eating the oyster,
It was EPIC. M even said "有海洋的味道"
Know what it means? It meant Gross. Tooooo "xin".

Last week was quite a sinful week.
Food, more food, and more good food.
Especially Dad's birthday dinner, 8 course meal.

Both M and my family love to splurge on meals.


Yesterday, I came across a video in Facebook regarding a bunch of indians(?)(not too sure) setting fire to a dog alive. I couldn't find any words best to describe these beasts so I used the F. word.

(click to watch!)
Couldn't find the video on Youtube.

Then someone told me, No point swearing,
God will give them what they deserve :)