Sunday, May 16, 2010

A proper update

As usual, it was a shopping Sunday :)
Sometimes when we get lucky, we were able to get some quality loots at cheaper prices,
however today, we weren't lucky because we didn't enter any store with sales due to time constraint.

We only had 1hour and 15mins to buy Marcel's present and shop for new clothes and shoes for overselves.

No brown hair on pictures taken via cell.

Quite busy recently and rejected ALL the dates with friends who made the effort to ask me out.
Exams + Project Report + Work + School = Only free on Sunday,
Which is obviously reserved for M.

I am reckon that things will get worst in June when the 2nd project starts.
No free slots for social activities at all!
I guess that I'll just appreciate May and pray for June to fly by fast.

Anyway, my braces fever is over.
I am hoping to remove it within 6months but I guess not till 8 months later.
Invested over $4000 over just for these metals
MMM.. if the after effect can be seen once I remove them
then it will be worth the money

Lastly, Thank you M for my new watch! $220 watch, Awesome buy yes?
Watches are the only accessory that I MUST wear out everyday
Not necklaces, not rings nor bangles.

No money for so many diamonds yet. Just make do with real crystals. HAHA.