Monday, May 31, 2010


Sigh, Another round of project just started today,
and today is my official start of my 2 weeks holiday.
So much for holiday - My weekdays are even packer than my school days.

For the last 5 Saturdays, I had been working because there was a lack of manpower.

M went to his financial consultant on Saturday from 2pm till 5pm,
played a round of billard with his friend till 6pm,
shopped around, watched soccer matches till 9.30pm for me to knock off.

Other than Sundays, I have an additional Saturday this week!
(Only for this week :( )
Took off on this Sat for Jasmine's 22nd,
but she had company dinner so I guess that it is going to be a normal SHOPPING SATURDAY with M!
Just a mini shopping trip will do,
I bought way too many things last 2 weeks.
This way, I can do nothing for Sunday and just laze infront of the television :)

Sometimes I just want a good long break,
to the extent of hoping to pay some money just for a nice long rest. Sigh.

Anyhow, I am much contented with my life even though busy :)