Monday, May 10, 2010


If you know me well, you would know that I am not a fan of idol-dramas which means that I don't watch idol-dramas often.

Last week, Adel was watching this show on Channel U (or 8).

(This is not a new show, maybe as old as 1 year?)

It is a story about a guy falling in love with a girl who is much older than him.

A thought which was aroused from this drama.

The girl had to choose between reality or romance.
A good life that she had always wanted all her life with her ex-soon-to-be-husband VS her feelings for the small boy.

I had never believed in relationships working out when you're with a guy younger than you because in terms of thinking, financial background, army & education time, both parties will have very different views about future. Most importantly, the sense of security that the younger guy give would be alot different from a guy older than you.

During a point of time in my poly life, I really thought that it may work out. However, there is always an invisible line hindering, a line which I find impossible to cross. Age is a barrier. Maybe not to all, but to me. How many can actually over come this age barrier? Mmmm..