Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Years & Years

4 papers, ALL DOWN.
We're having a short 2 weeks break after tomorrow :)

I went to bed as early as 11pm last night.
Woke up and checked my phone, M called at 12am!
The call lasted for quite afew minutes and I can't remember what did we talk about.

oh. well. whatever.

While looking around for Abner's shoes yesterday after school,
I got M a shirt. It was pretty cheap!!

Life just isn't fair. TSK!
When girls shop, they can shop for their Boyfs too.
However when guys shop ....... You better hope they don't get anything for you.
I don't trust guy's taste on clothes etc. Or rather, I am afraid to trust others.
What if he spend a bomb on something which I may not like??
It's like taking a risk.
Sometimes when you have been together for quite long,
It doesn't mean that he will understand what you want 100% perfectly.

"As long as its from you, I will love it" don't work out on me.
I have a mind of my own.

Ahhh, Sad Earth.

Expand your thoughts and you will enlarge your world.