Sunday, June 13, 2010

Open up your presents

We spent 4 hours @ Suntec's area getting presents for his brother (18th Birthday) and elder sister :)

Bag from Fourskin - Brother
Bag from Adidas - Elder sister
Black ONTO Headphone

And nothing else :(

His elder sister loves to carry small-mid size Adidas leather sling bag, I wonder why. Maybe it is the same reason as why I love to shop? Haha.

Love the dinner with his family @ his place today.
Crowd(Family & relatives) + Hot steamboat + sparkling wine from New Zealand with wine glass.

Anyway, I love the new blogger function! The top part is quite plain. Shall find a nice picture and replace the words soon~
But TSK! My friends said that they prefer the previous plain one more :(

School is starting tomorrow........

I am not happy...
The reason is not school...