Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Turn the time around

Have we been studying to hard to chase up with the world that we forgot to have fun?
If you look back to the past, you laughed more when you were younger.

I found old videos of us which were recorded by either me or my friends using my old phone. One of it was uploaded to FB. The carefree life was never found again. As we grow up, we gain an addition of stress at the different phases of our lives.

The higher educated you are, the lesser you enjoy life?

Situation 1.
Uneducated people would only know how to work for money, spend it on necessities/family and the extra cash on fun and wants. Nothing much to worry about. They don't compare themselves with others so life is pretty much easy.

Situation 2.
Educated people would want to continue to improve themselves so as to fit into the society as the society is forever competitive. They like to work and do things at a fast pace and worry about the level of education, worry about work, about life, about house and family. Too much things to worry, too little time to enjoy.

When was the last time you managed to let everything out, worry about nothing and laugh from the heart freely?

Did the stress from the world drove us this way?

年少无知 or 书少无压力?