Monday, June 14, 2010

Welcome back to school

First day of school was terrible as I had a tough time struggling to get out of my bed at 8am. The only thought I had in my mind for the whole day was "Can I go home and rest?"

I would cancel all my shopping trips and dates just for some extra time to sleep in! Why do working class people always prefer student's life? Honestly, I hate school life. At least most of the time, work ends earlier than lessons (for my case). The stress level is about the same! You face stress at work, Students face stress with schoolwork & exams. Don't talk about holidays because project eats into 1/2 of our time, and sometimes 3/4 of it!! And and part time jobs? Arghhh..

Another 10 weeks of school life till another holiday starts..... 3/4 of the time on projects again.......

oh wells, enough of complaining..

Played with JD's camera!!