Monday, July 05, 2010

Family Ties

Everyday, Dad would fetch me back from off from wherever I am no matter where he is.

You know? He calls or text me every evening to ask "Where will you be later?" so that he will fetch me on his way home.

Today, my netbook crashed and I had exam after school which requires me to use my school domain laptop.

Called Boyf, who was unable to help me but he seeked help from his brother.
(His brother is in JC and is off from school today due to Youth's day)
I didn't want to trouble him so I called Dad.

I called him and he stopped all his work just to send me the laptop I use at home.
He had to travel from Work > Home > School > Work.
Although he kind of "complained" about it over the phone but he still brought all my stuffs over.

This is not the first time making him come to school just to send me a laptop.

In times of good or bad, he is always there.

I really appreciate this Dad although I don't show nor say.

When I received my laptop, everyone in the class was saying "Her Dad is damn good" and stuffs like that.

Sometimes when I am pissed with him, I tend to forget all his good and only focus on the bad. But for him, it is always care, concern and whatever that is best for me.

Tell me, how not to love my Family?

& oh, my school IT helpdesk is really lousy. They told me that my harddisk crashed and is beyond repair unless I visit Acer. BUT YOU KNOW? I searched online and managed to format my netbook myself during lesson. It was like, pressing 2 buttons and *POOF*, it auto format itself. Boohoo to the "EXPERIENCED" junior staffs they have.

When they plug in their external CD rom with CD inside, Blue screen appeared and they blamed it on my harddisk when my netbook NEVER ever had blue screen before!! I hardly use my netbook and don't even download anything!! Should I say that their service is lousy or they don't know their stuffs well enough?