Sunday, July 11, 2010


My newly manicured nails!

Mood has been good recently because I am waiting for my parcels to arrive!
$830 was spent on online shopping on Wed and Friday.
According to DHL express, one of my parcel is already in Singapore!!
They should arrive anytime tomorrow or Tues.

And yesterday I bought a jackt and maxi dress!!
I love the flow of the maxi dress, so comfortable and straight unlike some which have uneven flow or worst still, half lining inside instead of full lining.

But I will be happier after 24th July, which is the end of my first part of my FYP project.
The project was a biatch, taking up all my rest time and even my holidays.

My new ring! Not any bling bling ring this time round! hehehe.
And I only got it for $7 or $8 (I can't remember clearly).
Cheap not?! I like the owl, so cute! I walked into the shop, took it and paid for it without even trying or giving it a second look!

I am craving for KOI's chocolate milk tea!!
Would somebody kind buy and send it to me?!