Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fictions of us

A picture of us 4 years ago.

Look at how much we have grown.

From teens to adults,
From using Nokia 7610 to HTC & BB,
From buses to Personal Car,
From fastfood restaurants to restaurants,
From fair to tanned,
and lastly, from full or hair to his current forever botak head.

Even dust has already settled itself comfortably on the frame and we are still on going strong.

Sometimes, you make me really mad, you make me cry
but somehow you have this magical power that keeps me alive.

I don't know,
I just feel happy,
when I am with you.

You give me a feeling that I'll be safe as long as I am around you.

We are not 16 or 18 so spare us from the puppy love.

And so what's happening for this weekend?