Sunday, August 08, 2010

Happy birthday Singapore!

Another early Sunday! Woke up at 9.30am!!
Waited for parents & Boyf to wake up to send Raven for his appointment and our lunch.
Yesyess, Raven's grooming appointment~ So he is now 'naked' again.

He wouldn't allow the groomer to carry him and kept following every step I took!
(Even when I was about to leave the place -.-)
The whole full grooming took 2hours so we went off to malls.
When we went back to collect Raven, he was actually caged inside those pet cages.
ARGGGHHHH!! He looked sad =( I felt the heartache.

Sent him back before Boyf and me headed to Ikea.
If you remember, months ago, I mentioned that my house will be undergoing major renovations later this year.
We went to look at their concepts to decide on my room's colour and all.
Dad reckon that the whole renovation will spend him a large amount of money with a min of $30k.
Sometimes I wish that I am already working so that I can help to fork out abit otherwise I will feel so guilty. =(

Everytime I visit Ikea, I would go for their HOTDOG BUNNNN~ Yum.

I bought a new black desk from Ikea for temporary use =)


Shall update you with some items which I bought this week since I wore them out today.
Hehehe, the rest are still sleeping nicely in their shopping bag and unwashed.

My new top from school's flea market.
The stall I bought from was from a blogshop =)

And the pair of earstuds which matches my outfit today.

A jacket with gold buttons! This jacket is quite versatile because if you unbutton it and fold it correctly, it can be a collar-less blazer too.

Although your ERP and parking fines are reasonably expensive when it comes to monthly calculation since we spend alot on cashcard(!!!), and your extremely humid weather makes me wanna migrate to some cold country right away, but I still love you because this is where I can call home. I am proud to be a Singaporean! =)
(Okay, this is dumb because the country itself can't read but its the thoughts that count~)