Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shine some light

Good news!
Finally, it's recovering!!
And it is recovering only after 11days?! Well, better than not recovering at all still!

I spent 8.5 days out of the 11 days at home.
If you think by staying home, I will be spending lesser, you are soooo wrong!
My fingers done alot of exercise in the 9 days by shopping online.
And because my parcels are always mailed to Boyf's place, and I buy things almost everyday,
He kept sending the different parcels over on different days because he received at least 1 parcel almost everyday!

The happiest moment is not about the receiving but the UNWRAPPING of many many mails which you know contains your items!!

Here are some items I bought before I fell sick!

Another blazer!

It's light pink. But yellow due to the lightings.

I feel extremely sorry towards JJ because we didnt meet up with him ALOT due to my infection. We just sent him off this morning. At least we met up 4 out of 8 days of his stay here! Though there were photos taken, But I am not in any of them because I wanna hide my eyesssss!

I told them that we are smart because all of us are using smartphones. LOL.
Mine is not inside because I was the one who took the pic.
Iphone 3gs, BB Bold, Iphone 3gs, Iphone 4, HTC Snap and of cause, my BB too!

oh, Did I mention?
I like JJ's parents!!!! They are always friendly towards JJ's friends.
Jokers too! ^^
But I guess the next time we meet would be during CNY already.

Exams are around the corners and I am still not supposed to use the com for too long.
How to study?!
Can't read, use com or watch the television.
Please recover soon!!