Thursday, September 02, 2010

A seaweed story

Boyf got infected by me and is currently on 6 days MC from work.

I got a new best friend and he is none other than the Postman :)
Today, he delivered two tops to me.

Speaking of postage. I remembered putting in small packets of seaweeds into the mail and sent them to my ex-maid who went back to her country when I was in Primary school. She told me she couldn't find food like this in her country and will miss eating it alot so I saved up part of my pocket money to get her those seaweeds. Come to think of it, if it takes 4-5days to reach her country, by the time when she got hold of the food, they might have already rot -.-
Primary school = Naive. But when she received the food on weekly basis, she must be damn touched. *watery eyes*

Anyway, though sick but August was indeed a good month.
I got enough rest, enough retail therapy and lesser work.
Off from school, not much work schedule.

September - First 2 weeks are packed with exams and work while the last two weeks marks the start of my second half of FYP.

May September be good and October be even better.
I miss having fun with my friends in school.
Elliot, Nora, Jocelyn, Tracy, Jonko, Abner, CD, Janice and Meryl!!!

And to some...