Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Caught in surprise

Everything is the same as the first half of my FYP project.
Once this stupid shit starts, everyone will be complaining about how tired and stress they are.
Of cause, I am of no exception.

School has already started for 1 and a half week without me working on the weekdays but I stayed in school almost everyday till half past 7 and reaching home only just in time for a good bath, dinner, 'homework', pack bag and back to bed again. The whole routine is repetitive.

Today is my day off from school (the only day without FYP and school) because one of my team mate fell sick and the rest had to go for their injection. One of my module requires us to be immunized to HEP B as we are handling with blood. Right, so I gotta go and get PRICK later alone as M is doing his shift duty :'(

Enough of rantings, goodbye :'(