Thursday, November 25, 2010

Popeyes, Harry Potter & Rocher

After school, Connie's chauffeur drove us to The Cathay to meet up with the rest for Popeyes, movie & beancurd. We had 12 heads on that day!

The popeyes at The Cathay was rather disappointing. I still prefer Airport T1's.
Maybe it's me alone or something, but the taste was really different. The crust was hard and all. Meat was nowhere near juicy.

Harry Potter was my main objective for that day! But there was no climax in that 2.5hours movie and alot of parts were not acted out! It was in the book! Nevertheless, I still like that movie because it's HP! :D I thought we were only at 45minutes when the whole movie was over. It was then I realised that "Eh? 2.5hours gone?"

We ended the day with Rocher beancurd! The sad thing was, I didn't manage to complete my 'homework' as the submission was closed. I only managed to reach home after 12mn. BIG SIGH!