Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Count your blessings!

Finally an off day from the world outside!

It was so tiringggg!
Let me do some recaps.

Last week to this week..
Friday : School + Work
Saturday : FYP evaluation + 11 Dec 2010
Sunday : Work
Monday : School + Wedding dinner
Tuesday : School + HH's Pre-birthday
Thursday : School + Pending
Friday : School + Work
Saturday : HH's Post-birthday

Life had been really hectic, especially Monday when I had to DASH home from school to get my school work done and prepare for the wedding dinner in 2 hours. But the overall was worth it! Love the wedding dinner much much. And not forgetting the couple who finally tied their knot! Another wedding dinner this weekend at Shangri-la Hotel but M can't make it so I don't think I'll be going. Besides, other plans had already been made long ago!

My outfit on Monday.

I'll come back with the rest of the pictures SOON! :)