Thursday, December 02, 2010

What a disgrace!

I think this is insane.

I wouldn't exactly say that I love my school, but I won't go round telling people how lousy my school is.

When something bad happens, it comes out in the news and people will start saying how bad your school is.
However, when something good happens, YOUR own student actually doubt the school's capabilities.

So what does this means?
Student looking down on student?

Republic Polytechnic is incapable of producing hardworking and intelligent students?

Seriously, if that person is that SMART, he wouldn't end up here since he feel that this school is not up to his standard.
It doesn't matter how the public looks at this school.
But if the student choose to spoil the image of the school by telling the public how much he hates his school, what will the others think?
"Ohhhh, this really is a lousy school indeed. No doubt."

Not everyone will appreciate and love the things that are given to them,
but at least, keep your mouth shut even if you don't like it.
It doesn't hurt to shut up does it?

This is actually what happened...

This guy posted the article whereby the students successfully invented some Iphone-based portable brain control system which came out in the news and Know what? He actually mocked at his own school.

"confirm is RP students do one a not? I though RP is well known for slashing and wearing shorts and slipper? Not bad uh RP! LOL!"

He meant 'THOUGHT' not 'THOUGH'. Fancy him mocking at his own school that RP is only famous for being infamous. Even if that is a fact(at least to you) or something, KEEP YOUR FILTHY MOUTH SHUT.

and he went on...

" i dont believe our school can invent this thing, if the school knows how to take care of their students then they dont have to impose rules and regulations which makes students hate the school so much."

of cause, I disagree...

"are you sure all student hates sch? or is it just you and your friends? seriously, u think only RP has this, cannot-come-late-for-lesson or no-shorts-and-slippers rules? honestly, those students are in RP, even if you hate and look down on the school, it doesn't mean that you can look down on the students who invented those. don't look down on other's capability. what you, yourself can't achieve doesn't mean others can't do the school proud.

who says RP doesn't have smart students? hating school and looking down on the students's intelligence level are 2 different issues! say, if you meant to say that you are not looking down on them, then you shouldn't be getting your diploma in this school for you hate RP so much. they don't owe u anything to offer you a diploma. there are so many other polys which you LIKE, so why pick one u hate?"

yes, because I am always straightfoward, I told him that.

I just don't see the need of going round and telling others how much you hate about what is given to you now. Especially your school. So you want the public to perceives that you will graduate with a lousy diploma?

Just keep quiet if the public is saying how bad your school is, we don't need more comments from you.

Since you can't be the school's pride (for you have made no contributions or achievements), at least try not to be a disgrace!