Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Evening with Happy Pills

Only 6pm to 11.20pm but it was a well spent evening.

Accompanied Ric & PQ to get their CNY clothes before we settled ourselves for dinner at Dareius's place.

(L) their White Wine Prawns & Chilli Crab Pasta OMGGGG. JW was literally sweating when he was halfway through his Chilli Crab Pasta and it was only level 2 spiciness. I doubt I can even take their Level 1 but it was hella nice!

I had Honeydew Snow Ice from the dessert shop next to his. Waited for SX to finish his meal (as he arrived late due to work), and went back to wait for Dareius who wanted to join us after closing.

Went for sweeet stuffs again! Omg! Yogurt at Swirl Art. $9 for a small cup of it, which I personally feel that it is kinda ex. Played Monopoly Deal and had a good time laughing at Meryl-the-noob. Hahahaha.

Just some basic chilling time with the right group chases the blues away. For your info, I wasn't feeling good for the past 2 days. Yet yesterday, things got better :)


With so many smiles, how can I still not smile? :>