Wednesday, February 02, 2011

no need for that

YAY! It's Feb already! The second month of 2011.
Time flies doesn't it?

Only 1 week of school left after CNY. 11 Feb, I am waiting for you.

Picture below is me at Nihon Mura for dinner.

Jap cuisine. My all time favourite.
I'll never get tired of it, like how I'll never get tired of the people I love.

Accompanied Adel for some last minute CNY shopping yesterday. I had to skip my lesson to accompany her and I wasn't feeling well due to the weather. But then again, I could see that she appreciated it :)

It was hell crazy. There was no cab during lunch hours and we had to call for one. She wouldn't take trains/buses because she's like my dad. She had been cabbing to work/home/everywhere daily for the past 1 year. I am more stingy so I feel the pinch! Imagine spending $40 on cab per day. How much would 1 month cost? :/

Anyway, we lunched, shopped, chilled at coffee bean, shopped and home. CNY is just one of the 'excuses' that allowed us to spend more than usual. But it was only a cover up because most of our stuffs bought are not for CNY.

girls, girls. :>

Tonight is the reunion night. Not exactly looking forward to it (or even the rest of CNY). oh well, I'll just enjoy myself by playing with the dogs. One of my cousin bought 2 poodles yo~ :3

Till then!