Saturday, February 12, 2011

Over for good

I am glad that school is finally over. But I'll certainly miss the friends that I have made in there for sure. Let's not talk about my Janice-PeiQi clique because I know that we will still meet up often for sure. I treasure Janice & Meryl most for they are my 'first' 2 friends in RP. Can you believe it? It's graduation already and we are still as close.

Other than them, there is another 2 which have left a great impact in my life. Firstly, Elliot Soh. He is the MOST treasured & understanding guy friend in RP who is able to take my attitude, temper and return them with only reasons and "it's okay". I played all sorts of overboard stuffs on him, and most of the time, he got really irritated, showed me his temper, but still tell himself "it's okay, Maybeline is only playing around". We have different opinions on certain stuffs, quarrelled afew times, but it never once affected us after the storm is over. God is great, and so is Elliot.

Nora, my comical face. Though I sort of 'flew away' during the last semester of school, but dear, I still love you as much as I always do. You brought countless of joy and laughters to my school life ever since we got close and girl, trust me, there is not another one who could play and go crazy so well with me. I hope you still have our crazy animated display pictures with you. I dare not say that, I'll always be there for you but when you need me and another heart to heart session, I am just over the line :) Take care, my Jack Neo.

Just 1 day before the last day of school, I met up with my old colleagues for Japanese cuisine at Adam Road. It was too authentic and too raw for me. I was hesitating to go or not because I was afraid that the dinner would be awkward. I am glad I went because the ambience, food and company was great! Jessica even texted me this at 12mn before she sleep "Take care my dear girl, we must keep in touch k :)"

I just wanna hug all of those whom I cherish tightly.
It's not the end cher,
It's the start of another new begining.

oh btw,
do you know who is this guy?
:D :D :D :D :D :D

YES! The HongKong actor!! :D