Monday, March 21, 2011

Direct communication between minds

communication between minds by some means other than sensory.


I am so excited to blog because I have alot of pictures!
Perhaps not today but tomorrow because I am really exhausted tonight and am lazy to filter out the photos.

BAHAHAHA. Created Formspring today with some friends because I was really bored. I think I prefer Twitter more!

Was kinda happy last night because I received a call from * saying that he's sorry. Aawww. The rest can finally heave a sigh of relief now that things are settled.

My boy-friends & girl-friend from Saturday.

Mehmeh, my soulmate.

Some of my belongings which I can't live without.

Mom greeted me with my favourite chips - Cheese Ruffles!

Say hi to my new replacement for my old toy!

Goodnight! I need to pray to keep the devils away from me.

With love,