Sunday, March 27, 2011

Many many days ago

I don’t mind when our conversations get a little boring. I don’t mind when we’re texting and we run out of things to say. When we’re hanging out together but not doing anything, well I don’t mind that either. It doesn’t matter to me because I finally realized that when you’re truly in love, every moment spent together doesn’t have to be breath-taking, that you’ll still feel like the luckiest person alive even through the most unexciting times, and you will feel completely comfortable together because you know that just having each other is more than enough.


My new found friend.


It's nice to find someone who will turn your heartaches into a smile. Someone who will rebuild your world better than before. Someone who is worth loving. Someone who can be yours. And lastly, someone who can say, "If having you is waiting and waiting is pain, then pain is worth having."