Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Room party

Instead of partying on a Saturday,
We movie marathon-ed at the east side :D
PeiQi, Janice, Meryl, Dareius, ShiXiang, Weibin, Abner.
Started to get restless after 2 movies so we played cards & alcohol.

Dareius had to lick PQ's nose. HAHAHAHAHA,
Abner had to kiss WeiBin on the lips. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAA.
& Meryl had to sniffed Dareius's armpit.

The rest were quite lucky. We didn't do anything funny/stupid.

Something new but something good.
This is one chilling & relaxing session that I don't mind having everyday.

Last week was terribly good and this week is exactly of the opposite.
Monday was hell.