Monday, March 28, 2011

Simplicity is beautiful.

Let's go to neverland and never come back until forever ends.



Muahahaha, Majority are PQ's.
Pssst. That's not all. This was only half of what was done that day. The rest of the paper/plastic bags were squeezed into the bigger bags.

& I am damn satisfied with this buy. SO CHEAP! Only $29.90 from Uniqlo! & I freaking love the soft material! I have a wardrobe specially for jackets and the number is so insane.

You can't see the colour here but it's cream white.
Do I look like a qualified nurse now? :D

Was working before meeting up with them, hence, the tired face.
Working really is something ......... not for me.

A surprise from a good friend.
Psst psst, I love you much much.

If you're wonder what is inside, it's this. A brownie with my name on it. Slightly disfigured because it was kept in the bag all the time :(

Old Town Coffee for dindin.

Friends of all age groups. HAHA. Janice the nineteen year old kid.

I have to thank this guy below for Midoriiiiiiiiiiii.
He went all the way to the airport to get it from his friend :'(

Some cute keychain amulet from HH from TW's temple or something because I was whinning about it the other day when we met up and I saw SX with one on his phone. I am not a believer or whatnots, just find the small amulet cute. & He gave me the Yin Yuan he got for himself -.- HAHA :) :) :)