Sunday, May 22, 2011

be healthy, best friend

a part of my heart is dying.
dying of heartache.

show me a miracle. and i'll believe in you, jesus.

currently, i am home alone.
had never been alone since Raven entered my life 5 years ago.
tonight, he's hospitalized.
he's not doing good and is on i/v drip for the time being.

i miss you baby.
and i hate it when i can't be there.

been crying since 3pm when the needle was pricked into him.
it was heartache for me even though it was just a simple blood test.
Raven barely struggled but the furs around his eyes were wet.

waited for half an hour for his test results to be out with him constantly vomitting gastric juice.

both Adel and me cried.
& the doctor didn't allow us to see how she set up the i/v drip on him.

we couldn't stay there to accompany him after that as the place was closing.
all i saw was a pair of half opened shiny eyes staring at me as i walked away.

you know, he can't sleep if he doesn't see both me and Adel on our beds.
this is true.
how is he going to sleep tonight?

you're a brave boy.
you'll be fine.
i'll be with you.

mommy's here, in this battle with you.