Monday, May 09, 2011

Busy like a bumble bee.

No matter how mad you are,
you should never leave her alone there,
trying to figure out what's on your mind.


Rather busy for the past few days due to work & meet ups.

And this week, I got angry with a friend. This is actually the first time I got mad at him after so many years. Not worth it. You're old enough to protect yourself. Don't make others worry.

Saturday & Sunday were the best days last week.

Saturday : Woke up early to cast vote, bought ingredients for almond jelly with longans, made the dessert, nihon mura buffet, THOR, walked 30minutes back to the MRT station (instead of taking cab since we had so much time) and playing games on Ipod touch.

Sunday : Struggled to get out of bed at 11am. Body ache, Katong laksa for lunch, bit of work to edit, shopping, pack room, steamboat for dinner, REST.

Thursday was pretty good too. Curry rice + Carrot cake from Makansutraaaa after work!

As for the rest of the weekdays, it was just work work work and OT OT OT.

Trying to tame myself from shopping now and this is not easy when you are so used to this kind of life. Just yesterday alone, my bank dropped by $550 on useless stuffs like clothes etc. If only my dad owns a bank..... But since reality is cruel, I shall keep the cards at home and bring only cash out. Been saying this but has never put it into action. Someone tell me "Maybeline you can do it!"

OH, I am back to brown hair now. It seems like I dye my hair every 3 months so I can't blame my hair for being so dry!

No pictures since I only have 20 minutes for this before I prepare for work.

BTW, Raven is mad at me for the second day just because I pushed him away yesterday when I was busy searching for something. Drama. Dogs are like humans. They get sad, angry, happy and all. They pee or poo all over, but they'll always be there for you. I love you, baby.


If someone loves you, they’ll do anything to see you happy.

When you text them, they’ll respond instantly. But usually, they’ll be the ones to text you first. They’ll make plans with you and when you’re together, they won’t just want to get with you. They’ll cherish every moment they have with you. It is a beauty that is meant to cherish and lasts forever.

Avec L'amour,