Sunday, May 01, 2011

Favourite Hello, Hardest Goodbye

It's not about who you are attached to. It is about who you fall in love with.


We opened a bottle of Dessert Wine and a bottle of Midori on Friday after work at the wine place opened by a friend of Dareius.

Nice ambience and cosy place.
The only bad thing was, it was hard to get a cab in/out of the place.

& The mixture of wine and hard liquor intake totally got me 'high'.
Dareius had to constantly remind me to lower down my volume and laughed whenever I talk rubbish to his friend. HAHAHA. PQ was another red one.

The scariest part was to cab back alone with a spinning head.

oh btw, Source Code(movie) is good and Choya Shiso sucks.
First time drinking Choya and I didn't know that the alcohol content is 15%. All along I thought that it is just some 0.5% or 5% drink like jolly shandy.

Life sucks when you forgot to bring your camera out.