Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Something between us

Lost track of dates & days. For the past few hours, I kept thinking that today is Thursday.

And WOW, it's June already. We are already in the middle of twenty eleven.
Felt like just yesterday where I was still working during Christmas last year.

Don't blink too much. Time flies.


I was always told this,
"When you're feeling down, eat some chocolates"

Managed to move on pretty well without Raven.
It's just that sometimes when I am alone, my mind would drift to him and tears would start to swell up in my eyes.

Friends told me to transfer the love I had for Raven to Roven.
So I bought 2 sets of clothes, treats, chewing toys and food for Roven and this little baby would escort me everywhere I go. Even to the extent of waiting for me outside the toilet at 5am.

And so what? He's not Raven. But I'll try. I'll try to love him like how I loved Raven.

Other than shopping for him, I shopped quite a bit for myself as well.
They are the only ways to keep my mind busy.
Making myself extremely tired every night so that I'll look okay.


Don't worry about endings for no one has seen forever yet.
Just cherish and enjoy what we have now.


Dear Raven,

Even though Roven is more active and tame than you, he doesn't poo or pee everywhere, but you're still the best to me. Because you are awesome and special just like that! I know you feel me :)

Your best friend,