Monday, July 25, 2011

10 good years

My 10 years of magical journey ended last night.
Always, the movie is always different from the plots in the story.

Voldemort was supposed to fight Harry in the great hall with everyone looking at them while Harry told him the truth behind Snape. (correct me if I'm wrong)

But the fight in the movie, wasn't challenging at all and failed to get my heart racing. Nonetheless, HP remains the best series I've ever watched/read. I grew with the movies :D

The whole movie (yesterday) was disturbed by some brat who was talking & asking questions loudly throughout. The mom didn't even ask the child to keep his mouth shut despite the constant "shh" sounds from the others asking them to keep quiet.

Seriously, Parents should do their job well if they want to have children. The public didn't pay to hear your son talk loudly in the cinema, or hear them cry in restaurants or cafe instead of letting them be. Maybe someone should come up with a concept cafe "for noisy toddlers only" and allow them to cry inside for how long they desire or even asking questions for a good damn 2.5hours.

Even Roven & Raven knows when to bark or not.
(Angst, full of hatred for kids who doesn't behave well and parents not doing anything about it)

& I always think that Tom Felton looks goooooooooooooood.
He doesn't even look 24 this year!