Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family member R

Just came back from jogging and Mom left for her brisk walking in the park.
No one was home at that moment.

I went to lie flat on the second living room's floor like how I always do when Raven was around (to lie beside him).

Closed my eyes and imagined Raven beside me. I cried. I kept crying and crying. Roven came. Licked my hand and looked at me.

That pair of puppy eyes. They look so different from Raven's.

I then placed Raven's 'coffin' under the bed, the place where he loved to sleep and hide after doing something wrong like pooing at the wrong place. The place where he started to show symptoms of his illness.

I thought Roven would dash over to chew on the wooden coffin since he chews on everything like combs, furniture, walls and etc (he's teething) but he didn't. He sat beside me and watched me cry. It seems like he could understand. But how can it be? He is merely 4 months and 2 weeks old.

This evening, I tried to teach Roven how to climb the stairs to the second level. Flashes of the family trying to cheat Raven up to our rooms upstairs ran through my mind. Years ago, we taught Raven the same thing. Once, he was stuck and didn't dare to climb anymore and barked for a good 5 minutes till we decided to bring him down. He was a genius, took him only afew days to learn.

Once he mastered the skill of climbing, he began climbing up the flight of stairs and sneaked into our bedroom (Adel & me shared 1 room). Every night, We would open the door for him and the 3 of us would sleep through the night. However, we were not always successful. Dad caught us on some nights and sent Raven down despite our constant pleas. (Adel had a history of asthma so it was not advisable for Raven to sleep with us) Raven would climb down slowly and sleep at the stairs touching the living room everyday and wait for us to wake up the next morning.

3 consecutive nights. I had been crying for 3 consecutive nights again. I wish scientist would invent something or come up with a way for us to communicate with our loved ones who had already passed on.

Please miss me too.