Thursday, August 18, 2011

My puppy's diary

When he first arrived in the Sims family, he was really tiny.
(Like those toys where you can just put them into any handbag and bring them out)
He was only 2 months old at that point of time.
He had messy fur grown everywhere and we couldn't bring him to the grooming centre because he wasn't due for his third vaccination yet.

& Now, 3 months later? (5 months old now)
Look at the huge difference, in terms of size.

He can't even fit into those clothes I bought for him 3 months ago now.
Mom had no choice but to wear the clothes on Roro's favourite soft toys.
Greeeen mom eh? ;)

Initially he was only 1 feet long but now, twice the size.
The colour of his fur changed to.
From a tri-colour puppy to a 'just brown & white' puppy.

Isn't it scary how fast puppy grows?
(But always adorable in the eyes of the parents 'me & family')