Saturday, August 13, 2011

O.P.I shatter

When it comes to nails, I'll strictly go for O.P.I only.
Not faceshop's or others.

For lousy painters or people (like me) who are lazy to travel down for a proper manicure,
I think this is the best invention.

Although this is not something new in the market, & I bought mine like more than half a year ago,
But I just opened the packaging today and tried it this afternoon.

Base : Hot Pink
Shatter : Black

End Result :

Okay, the shatter wasn't very nicely done because apparently, I applied the shatter layer thicker than what it should be.

It makes the whole nail looks messy so no matter how ugly painted your base is,
It is all covered up.

Easy for someone who wants trendy yet not too complicated nails too.

The next time I try, I am going for silver/gold base with black shatters!