Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spot the difference

Accompanied Xynn to get her hair bleached & dyed before starting her new job at a brand new environment.

After waiting for 15minutes, I told the hairstylist to get me another person for my haircut.
*I wasn't prepared for this!! I went there solely to accompany her, NOT GET MY HAIR TRIMMED. I don't know what got over me.

So now what?
My ultra long hair is gone :'(

Went home & my parents couldn't even tell that I trimmed my hair.
Prolly because I left the front untouched. Only shorten the length at the back.
But please! It was almost butt length at first & it is only slightly below the boobs now?!?!

Pictures are not in order. Bet you can't tell which few are before & after the haircut.

I'll be working tomorrow!
Bless me.

With Love,
Maybeline Sim.