Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tiong Bahru Marketplace

This Sunday, the family decided to have a change of a environment for dinner.
& Dad suggested "Tiong Bahru Marketplace".

The name market turned me off a little because I was expecting it to be hot & smokey.
Turned out, the place is spacious and nowhere near smokey, oily or hazey.

Took a cab there because the car was with the workshop.

Spacious enough?

$3/plate Char Siew Rice. (1 thumb up)

$3/bowl Prawn noodles. (2 thumbs up!!!) I know you can't tell from my pictures.

$3/plate Fries. (1 thumb down) No salt, but on the other hand, Healthy.

$1.50/cup Sugar Cane Drink. - Normal

The real good & simple food can only be found in hawkers.

Don't fall for words. Fall for actions.