Monday, August 08, 2011

Vitamin E no more?

Went to a couple of The FaceShop to search for Vitamin E masks.
Sadly, all the staffs told me the same thing.

"It is sold out islandwide and there is no more stock in the back up store. It's been months already"

Not just Vitamin E, even B and K are out of stock too.
So I asked if they know when will the stocks be coming in again, but they had no idea.

AHHHH. Why do I have the feeling that they are going to discontinue this series and come up with other masks?

This mask is MY life saver.

I know the mask never work this way, BUT, so long as I use this mask once a week, I will never have any pimple outbreaks and it heals the skin fast (when I apply it after I saw some pimples on my face). Always work wonders, for I am not a hardworking person. I mask like once in a blue moon only. And only mask when there is a need.

So what now?!

I don't wanna use moisturizer/toner/whatnot! :/