Sunday, November 13, 2011

All in one

I am at the peak period of my life.

However, despite the extremely packed schedule,
I still made time for Kyler's birthday, my shopping trips, haircut & meet ups.

Some pictures are repeated from my Instagram.

Give me some breathing space.
Respect my privacy.

First up, the tall man's 24th birthday!
No one brought camera, so iPhone?

It was a fattening day.
2 pizzas, 2 plates of fries, bottles of beers from different part of the world, a basket of fish fingers, baileys and more.


A bottle of baileys in mint chocolate flavour. Only PQ loves it :/

Drunkard tower. Best drinking game for big groups.

I handmade this hawaiian pizza myself.
AWESOME I KNOW! Om nom nom.

You know I am one hardcore egg lover.
This egg chocolate here is from half a globe away. Yup, It's yummeh.

Snacking on Super ring.

Shopping trip next :
Only few pictures of some of the items bought.

The studded sling bag which I think I got cheated. HAHA.
There was nothing inside, Hence, no shape and it looked elongated.

Don't you just love this pair of sweet looking shoes?
Only $25?! Cheap thrill I KNOW.


& Meet my new friend!

Super unglam :(