Thursday, December 08, 2011

7th day

We went to the scene to pray for Adeline yesterday. To the drain where she fell into.

I am not a follower or a believer of any religion but I went ahead with her friends with the mindset that I wanna do anything and everything for her.

To my surprise, the driver (who is also her boyfriend) seems to be in the recovery phase already. Wow. It seems just like yesterday when the accident happened to my family and he could get over it so well, so FAST. Most of my friend who went shared the same view that maybe 1 year down the road, he might be holding another girl's hand already. What's left will be Adeline's grieving family.

How can one recover so fast if he truly loved Adel? 3 years together = putting up a show?

Anyway, my family is still not doing very well. I went to the scene again in the evening and searched for her phone in the field under the drizzle. Perhaps all the guy could do was eat & sleep at home. He sure acted well infront of the reporters IF all of them were lies.

Anything written above are strictly based on my own assumptions and opinions only.

Another meeting with the lawyer tomorrow.

To all my love ones, please be safe.