Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Adel's 22nd

Today is her 22nd birthday.
She couldn't live to spend this special day with us.

After visiting her yesterday, my family is back to square one again.
Dad's too sad. He couldn't sleep last night.
He just fell asleep at 9am. Not for long.

I know, it is because it is Adel's birthday today.
Heartache that his daughter had to spend it this way.
Departure is really one cruel thing.
I don't even understand why god came up with something so cruel.

I am going to visit her again today, on her actual birthday.

Happy birthday, My dearest sister.

PS : I saw many dolls/gifts/food on her place.
Saw afew people visiting her as well yesterday.
Adeline sure is blessed to have you guys visiting her. Thank you.