Thursday, December 22, 2011

Adel's kind deed

Oh, I forgot about this until I saw twitter just now.
Another story of Adel for you readers.

The thing here isn't about money. But the heart.

There was this SUPER DUPER AH LIAN girl who goes round cheating her secondary school friends.


No one contacted her for more than 4 years.
So few months back, she reappeared and cheated her classmates one by one.

"My grandma is sick. I need money to bring her to the doctor urgently. I can't afford it. Can you lend me $50 first?"

"Okay. What is your account number? Quickly bring her to the doc"

So when the opposite party is willing to lend her the money.....

"Oh, wait. I scared $50 not enough. Can you lend me $100 instead? Please. It is very urgent. My grandmother is very sick. I will return you one week later"

"No, only $50. Do you still want it?"

"Okay. Here is my account number"

One week later.......

"Hey YT, are you going to transfer me the money or?"

"Give me a week more. So sorry. Can you lend me somemore? Medications not enough. I will return you when payday is here"

"Nope, no more. Okay. Next week."

This goes on and on until she off her phone and deleted them off facebook.
She cheated almost 7-8 people already?
No one ever got their money back

Bet she used the money on drugs&ciggs.

(Adel only got to know that she was cheated after a friend told her that he was cheated as well)


*Yay, All the stupid people are transferring money to my bank account! No need to work!*
What's best? Adel is dead! No more bug pestering me!

She abused Adel's trust.
Adel has this soft spot for elderly.

There was once where she saw this old uncle, pushing his bicycle at 12mn somewhere near home already (she was nearly home already).
She stopped the car and asked "Uncle, where do you want to go?"
Then she realised that the uncle wanted to push the bicycle to at least 10 busstops away so she sent him back.

Kind hearted isn't she?

That's why Adel was stupid enough. To lend her the money.

Her name is Ang YuTing. She calls herself Jamie by the way.
I am not typing this just to seek back the small money lost.
Some requested for stories of Adel. So here is one.

If I ever get bashed up on the streets, or killed,
You people know who to find uh? :)

Listened to the song she used to sing very often.
I can hear her voice ringing in my ear.
Tears wouldn't stop flowing. I don't wanna be so weak.
But as her 姐姐, I failed to protect my 妹妹.

I can't help but blame myself for what had happened to her...

UPDATES : A friend just told me that the girl used sex to exchange for money as well.