Sunday, December 25, 2011

Beer Market @ Clarke Quay

Eve of Christmas Eve with the folks.

Beer Market :
Inspired by the stock exchange, Beer Market is the perfect blend of food, music and sports whereby drinks prices move up and down according to demand, creating an exciting atmosphere and interactive experience.

As said, stock inspired! The prices of the beer changes every hour depending on how much the specific beer was sold the last hour.

Warming up : Hoegarden

The place was quite cosy but I don't really like the music there.
Awesome live bands that night.
However, when there is no singer singing, the music kind of suck.
Thank god I was there with the right company.

Mehmeh & Me.

Richard bought us thess notebooks.

My Royce and biscuits from PQ.

Getting ready for the real thing.
Their food was quite good.
Love their normal fries with cheese dip!
We had 2 portions.
What's best? You get free refill for the cheese dip!

Beer Market's Fish & Chips.

Amount of shooters we cleared.
Sex on the beach & Illusion

Too little alcohol.
Couldn't even get high.
Can't even numb the pain Adel caused.

I wanna hit 43kg.