Friday, December 30, 2011


I have alot of questions in mind for Adel.
How can I ask her all these? Where can I get the answers from?

1. How did you fell out of the car when the windscreen is still intact? Did you roll out from the door when the car stopped at the drain?

2. You were still moaning in pain when JX walked over to you. If you could still moan softly in pain, why wouldn't you wait for us to reach the hospital?

3. How did the strap of the Prada bag break into 2? Were you pulling on to it?

4. Was it very very pain to die in such a manner? Because our heart aches like mad even by thinking of how you had to go through all these.

5. Are you doing fine in the other world? How is it like there? Did you manage to find Raven?

6. Do you have anything to say to me or the family?

7. Would you come to me and let me know all your unfulfilled wishes? I would try my best to fulfill all of them for you. I would live for you.

8. Will you still remember us if reincarnation exist? (This was what Dad asked me last night)

9. You were always stronger than me in terms of every aspects. Why are you so weak this time round? How could you not struggle to stay alive for us?

10. Do you miss us as much as we miss you? Does it tears you to leave us like how it tear us apart to know that you're gone?

Every night, I go to bed with Adel in mind and wake up thinking of her departure again.

I tried so hard to pretend to be fine on the outside.
Be it on my face, in Twitter or Facebook, but they are all fake.

At the end of the day, We(my family) just don't want others to worry about us.
They always say "Life goes on" because no one can really understand what we are going through.

We were never okay with your departure.
Never okay with you living alone at the other world.
We are a family, so why are we apart now?

We miss you, terribly.