Sunday, December 25, 2011

Childhood memories

It's been a busy day getting her favourite snacks, and stuffs as we are going to visit her tomorrow.

Her 22nd birthday is on the coming Tuesday.

Look at the baby in the photo.
She celebrated her 1st birthday 21years ago.
Only 21 years.

I never liked showing my baby photos because even me myself, scares myself.
That's how pathetic I was.
I was an ugly baby :(
But here's one for you.
Adel had huge eyes since birth.
Her infant photos - 1 year are damn cute.
Even when she's all grown up, she still have huge eyes that she doesn't even need cosmetic contact lenses to enlarge it (although she loves them).
Not only her eyes. She had thick and long lashes too.
I love her eyes.

Look at her in the photo (please don't judge me).
She look so dumb. She look so freaking dumb and round.
I look like her ugly brother. This angel was freaking cute in the past.
Dad said "I wished all of you won't grow up. I want this to be this way, where you all will be stuck at toddler age. I wanna take care of you guys forever. 每天放工回来听你们叫我爸爸就够了"

One evening, Dad came home with some brand new bicycles for us.
One each, and brought us down to cycle.
We never really had to ask for anything in the past because he would get us whatever was shown on the TV at those days.
Barbie dolls, polly pocket etc.
We had very good childhood.

Picnic. One of my family's favourite outing until we entered Secondary school.

Dad and Adel, 15 years ago.

We were always close. Always. Even now, She's in my heart.

Can't remember where were we at.
But the guys are my cousins.

Floating market in Thailand.

The whole family and the maid went for Ice Skating at Jurong East.
It was hell fun. Our parents taught us how to skate.
We went for bowling quite often too.

Kite flying session.

We were always at the playground waiting for Dad to come back.

We had so many albums. A whole load of them.
Dad wouldn't look at those photos now (so I only flipped afew albums).
The pain is killing him. Little does he know, me too.

Been extremely moody the whole day today. Held back my tears.
Don't want them to see my cry. But tomorrow, ........

You're the best we could ever ask for.