Friday, December 09, 2011

How much longer?

Everyday, I wake up telling myself to be strong for my parents.

But everytime, once I leave house for school, I'll start tearing again. I can't cry at home knowing that my parents will cry along. I can't bear to hear anyone talking about Adel.

Last night, dad told me "Adel came to earth, be my daughter and toyed with my feelings. she came to make me miserable on purpose and now she's back in haven laughing at me"

I could feel the pain in his words. He's not back to work yet. He then turned to mom "I don't know if there's this thing called 'next lifetime' but if there is, I wanna marry you again"

Such words. It's scaring me so much.

Pleaded with dad to bring me to the scene again. I search for her phone under the drizzle alone with my leg covered in mud. Bush + muddy + drizzle. Couldn't find it still. I am starting to give up hope on her phone. Nevertheless, I'll be making a police report for this lost phone since I have her serial number and all. Hopes are minimal but worth a try still.

It's school and law firm after that. Gained some pimples and lost some weight.

Grant me with the strength to carry on. X