Wednesday, December 07, 2011

It's gone. Shattered heart

Went to the lawyers.
Went to meet up with the officer to retrieve her stuffs back.

The car was totally wrecked. I don't understand how can a pot hole caused all these. I don't know how he drove. It was so wrecked that you can barely put your leg in. Our heart ached so much that i could barely feel myself.

I went in anyway. With only gloves. Spent 1 hour searching under the hot sun, got some cuts, bleed, climbed everywhere and still couldn't find her phone.

I want her videos and photos. It's all gone. Maybe someone found the phone and sold it away already.

The iPhone 4, black, with stainless still light pink bumper was a gift from my dad to her for her 21st birthday.

Yet, I can't find it back....

I brought her brand new luggage home. The one she bought for her taiwan trip.

She look like an angel in this photo. With her cheery smile and wings spread. She look as if she was all ready to fly. I miss fighting and shopping with you.

I picked the brown bunny jacket for you to wear it for your journey. As for the white one (which you bought it for me), I'll keep it safe, until my last breath. It was the last gift from you to me.