Saturday, December 10, 2011

Second meeting with the lawyers

Just met up for the second meeting with the lawyers yesterday. It was expected but extremely sad to hear them say that the blames will be pushed here and there and shared among the contractors, sp/lta and driver when all of them have a big role to play (and in my opinion, the driver. I'm a little biased)

The most we can get from this law suit is only compensation. As for the driver, I am guessing that it is only suspension of license for a few years(?) or fine(which is charged by the traffic officer) And the compensation wouldn't be high even though my sister earns 5-7k/ month. According to the laws in Singapore, compensation would be higher if the victim is still living and not dead.

However, the thing here isn't about money. The driver caused death to my sister but the punishment are so minimal. It's like a death is nothing to them.

Deeply sadden by the laws. We would exchange all the $ that we are going to receive(though not alot) for the life of my sister.