Friday, December 23, 2011

Wake up call

You can close your eyes to things you don't want to see,
but you can't close your heart to the things you don't want to feel.

Adel has very nice vocal.
I like to hear her sing even though it was very irritating in the past.
I wonder if she realised that.

She got this from Dad. My dad loves to sing alot.
I remembered how we used to sing Karaoke at home with Dad.

We shared the same room.
& When I on any song on Youtube, she would sing along loudly.
I have never asked her to lower down her volume before.
Never once have I told her that she has nice vocals.

People, tell the people you love what is in your mind, how much you appreciate them before they are gone.
Because I won't ever have the chance to tell her anything anymore and this is going to be my biggest regret.

I never thought that she would leave us so early.
I thought I would grow old with her.
I took all these for granted. Now that she's gone, it's all too late.
There's nothing I can do for her anymore.

She is also the type of girl, who would laugh so hard and roll on the carpeted floor/bed after a joke. To the extent that you don't even know what is she laughing at. (She does this quite often)

Like any other girl you see on the street. She has her bad points too.
She is quite bad tempered (better than me though) and impatience.
And she was once very rebellious during Secondary school days.
Everyone has their past right? What matters is how much we have grown from it.
Too bad, God didn't allow this angel to repay her parents longer.
He took her away when we least expected it.

It is not just 心痛 that we are facing. It's worst than tearing us apart.

How can she shift all the responsibility to me?
How can she walk away and pass our parents to me just like that?

Yes, we are getting a sum of money from the insurance after her death.
But that doesn't mean anything. She can't just give us a sum of money and go away.
We don't want the money. We want her.

I remembered the last time when we cried together.
It was during Raven's last hour.
I rang her up at work. Cried over the phone and told her that he only had afew hours left to live.

When I brought Raven to the clinic, the vet didn't tell me how critical Raven's condition was.
She just told me that your dog needs to stay overnight to flush his bladder and the cost of this and that etc.
They were closing at 5pm and didn't allowed me to stay so I went back the next morning to receive that news.
The vet could only kept apologising "I am sorry, I forgot to tell you how critical his condition was"

Full story here

Adel dumped her work aside, quarreled with her supervisor, encouraged by all her colleagues, she rushed to the clinic.

We kept hugging Raven. Touching his fur. We did everything, except drying our tears.

We are the type of people, who regard our pets as family members.
A dog is not just a dog to us. He was more like a baby/child in the family.

All these just happened not too long ago.
So where are you now?
Are you coming home soon girl?

I miss cooking maggie for you.


Next up : Baby - toddler photos of us.