Saturday, December 31, 2011


Just came back from meeting one of the witness who saw the whole accident.
He was behind the integra and saw everything happened.


The witness told us something similar to my reasoning of 2 weeks ago.
Read here

She did not fly out of the car like what the newspaper had reported.
It was the fact that my sister was still sitting in the car when the car crossed the middle divider and to the opposite lane.

(let's assume, if the car merely spin to the other lane, both of them would only suffer from sight bruises)

It was when the taxi who came right at them which caused my sister's death. Everything happened so fast, she couldn't even run out of the car when the taxi came at her.

BANGED. She got hit by the taxi. (like I said, the passenger's side was totally wrecked) Door was opened. And being helpless, she rolled out of the seat when the door flung open and into the drain, next to the car.

She had already somewhat lost her conscious. She was trembling and her eyeballs looking up. The ambulance came and the paramedics kept talking to her, asking her not to sleep but she still closed her eyes in the end. There was no blood. She didn't bleed. Imagine all the internal injuries which took her life away...

** There are some points which I have kept to myself/family/IO because I don't want the driver of the integra to know so I can't share it here. His statement don't really matches what the witness told us.

Do bear in mind that this witness is neutral.