Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Actual 49th day

Only had 5 hours of sleep and was forced to wake up by my parents for Adel's 49th.

The two photos are already up on her 'tomb'.
Addition of new stuffs are always seen whenever I visit her.
Fresh bouquet of flowers, new Melody toys, candies, drinks & food.
They are probably from her friends. If you had paid her a visit, Thank you.

Reached the place, saw the photos and started sobbing badly again.

The photos were quite badly done (in my opinion).
I don't like how they cropped the picture. Look at her hair. Disappointed.

The driver of the integra, best friend and some friend went over as well.

I don't believe in god. But I said a prayer anyway.
"If Adel is suffering at the other side of the world, please let her be free.
I am more than willing to bear everything for her. Just so she could be safe and happy"

But FUCK YOU anyway. You can take away lives so easily.
So many deaths were reported everyday.
My parents are the kindest soul in the entire world.
My dad never turn down any old people who asked for a meal, or help.
My mom has been doing kind deeds all her life and constantly help the older people in the neighbourhood.
What did they do to deserve this? FUCK YOU.
You don't know the pain and suffering of her loved ones.
You didn't even give her the chance to visit TW.

Listen, I don't care if karma strikes me.
Losing my sister was one of the worst thing that could happen to me.

Went to M1 to settle her line after everything because we received a letter to pay for her termination fee when we were told that it was FOC when death was the reason.

The kind guy resolved the matter and waived the phone bill for November :)

Whever you are, please keep us in your mind.